Live Twitter Feed

Below will be a twitter feed during the swim and on 
the days leading up to the swim.  There'll be pictures 
posted here, too.


23 thoughts on “Live Twitter Feed

  1. You will be triumphant in your swim! I will be keeping up on your progress and wish you the best of all possible conditions!

    • Great photos…especally love the Dalarna horse jockey. I’ll be keeping good thoughts for calmer winds and warmer temps. Love you…

  2. Dave!
    Just heard about this new Swedish Swim Adventure from Tracy! How exciting!
    Good luck!
    Quint + Renate (SLO)

  3. Hey Buddy- I cannot keep track of time difference so no idea when you will read this— if it will be pre aquatic submerging or post watery voyage- either way, Sandy and I and the kids salute you and stand firm in our belief in your ability to swim through that GIANT CAT-FISH, coming out on the other side transformed!!! We cant wait until you are home and we can celebrate the “hero’s return” from the underworld!!! We love you!! The Sachs Crew in Los Osos

  4. hey dave! only you can find a “extra large miniature” horse…. 🙂 we’re sitting here on the couch thinking about you & your big adventure which starts tomorrow. veeshing yuuu da very best of sveeedish luck – in addition to calm waters and sleeping lake monsters. love, S&B (no BS about it…) by says ‘skin the cat!’

  5. Dave Eagerly looking forward to the great swim! We have every bit of confidence that you will soon be flying victoriously across the atlantic and into SLO. Enjoy the moment.

    Love you Dad

  6. Hey Uncle Dave! It looks like you picked a great day for temperature and a predicted chunk with no wind. I hope it winds up being better than predicted.
    Sounds like you´ve been eating a lot of moose meat; maybe the next chimera should be an amphibious mix of moose and man-swimmer!
    May you have wonderful thoughts and meditations durring your marathon!
    Rooting for you from Mexico, Leah for the Terrells

  7. Uncle Dave, this is awesome. I can’t load the live map for some reason, but I’ll keep checking your tweets! Cloe and I were talking about you tonight and she said “he’s kinda crazy to do this… but TOTALLY cool.” 🙂 We love you and are praying for a fun, safe, successful marathon for you!

  8. Well you’ve been stroking the cat throughout the wee hours in chilly northern waters which I can’t even imagine! I loved your story of inspiration from Jesse’s grandpa! Now you’re passing it on…even if only to rooting couch potatoes! Love u bro, Jamie

  9. Way to go, Dave! An amazing feat! The photo of you at the finish is fantastic! With love and huge cograts, Sus, Jim, Ev, and Ry

  10. Congratulations Dave! I got up this AM thinking of you, checked the twitter feed and saw the 1200 meters to go post just up. I was excited not to have slept through the finish and pictured your triumphant walk up the beach to the Tingsnäsbadet buoy. You are incredible (and certifiable as well)!

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