XII. June: the warming-up month

On  June 8, Anders took his  boat up to Siljan, and  motored through  the swim  route, making  sure  that  all  GPS’ed waypoints made  sense, and ensuring  that he’d  be familiar  with  landmarks  along  the way.  All is  looking good.  He did find out that  waypoint #4,  near a small  island called Sandholmen, will  cause us to go through  a stretch of the lake  that  is  only a half meter deep.  He  is repositioning both the 3rd and 4th waypoints to take  care of that problem.  This  is a clear example of how steady  preparation, and  thinking and rethinking logistics, contributes  to the overall likelihood of success of a project like  this.

The  Swedish  summer has  been working its magic on Lake Siljan.  The  temperature near the surface is  probably around 48 or 49 degrees F. (9 to  9.5 C.), and  rising  rapidly.  See below for a pair of pictures that are encouraging.  They show the lifebuoy mounted on the pole in the sand at the beach (Tingsnäsbadet) where I’ll be finishing.  First picture is from January 2013,  and second  picture  is  from June 8, 2013.

finish another ah

buoy summer  1My  intent  is to  walk  right  up to  this lifebuoy after my swim, and get a picture  of  me standing  next to  it….

Chimera unplugged

The  diaspora of  the  chimera

Here is  a gallery  of  photos that Anders took  on  the June 8 dry run  of the swim  route.  (You can  click  on any picture   to start a slideshow).


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