X. The triple martini

Some of the local swimmers in Avila Beach have identified and named a formidable swim route that, until Saturday June 8, had been  accomplished by  three  people, namely Duke Parmelly, Niel Dilworth, and Rob Dumouchel. The course is about 10,500 meters long (about  6.2 miles), and appears to be the outline of a martini glass.


The  route  starts with  the stem of the glass,  running  the length  of Avila pier (~450 meters).  From  the end of  Avila pier,  the  swimmer must  perform 3 triangular loops defined by the end of the  Avila pier, Avila Rock  (off of Fossil Point),  and the  end of the Cal Poly pier.  These segments  are,  respectively, ~1,000 meters, ~1,500  meters, and ~700 meters.  Once the loops are completed, the  swimmer swims back down  the length  of Avila pier, and  the swim is  completed.

I  have wanted  to  be a member  of the Triple  Martini  Club for a year  now,  and  I  finally got my chance  on June  8.  Rumors of 52 degree (11.5 C) water did not materialize, and in fact the water temperature  was typically 57 or 58 degrees (14 to  14.5 C) throughout  the  swim. The weather was excellent–flat water with little  wind chop or swells.  Fairly overcast, but  towards the  end the sun started poking out.

This  was a great training swim for Lake Siljan–swimming  beyond  the  border of  a pool–no  black line  to  follow at the  bottom  of  the  pool, fairly cold water, contending with  the natural  elements, and  doing  some open water navigating.

three swimmers

Three of us completed the swim (in the photo left to  right: Byron Briley, Casey Bateman, and myself),  bringing to  six the  total  number of people  who have accomplished  the  triple  martini.  Successful swimmers are provided  an instantly classic hat….which  is….

the hat

… embroidered with  the  swim’s  logo  on  the front–3 martini  glasses with an  olive on a toothpick  in each  glass.  I  first  saw this  cap  a year ago,  and immediately coveted it and  wanted  to  earn  my  own,  and  be a member  of  the Triple  Martini Hat  Club.  The  swim  was organized by  Niel Dilworth  and Rob Dumouchel,  with  a lot of  help  by  many  others.  I’ve posted a few  more pictures of  the  swim  on the gallery below.

(Click  a picture  below to  start a slideshow):


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