VI. The route refined

swim startTo the right is the start of the swim, at the small beach located with the red  dot.  This area is a small village called Hjortnäs, and the Swedes have been  scouting it out this winter.

                                                         And below is  the overall  route….

siljan 8 waypoints

I’ve been working with the Swedes, and I think we’ve settled on eight waypoints to define the swim route. The line to the #2 waypoint (approximately 7,500 meters) is designed to just clear the peninsula defining  the west side of Österviken. Then, they say, we need to cross to the far side of the main basin, because there is a belief that this basin experiences a slow-but-steady counterclockwise eddying.  Maybe this is  just some Swedish folklore; however if it’s true, and I could get a lift from the lake’s movement,  then I’m all for it.

The leg from waypoint #2 to waypoint #3 is far and away the longest segment, accounting  for half (about 17,000 metters) of the entire route.    This segment will lead me across the northeastern side of Storsiljan,  hopefully lifted along by the eddy.

solleron 1

The route will  then travel along the channel  on the northwestern  side of the  lake’s largest island, called Sollerön.  I’ll be within 3/4 of a mile  of the island;  if I  were instead walking on the island, a scene like the one at the  right is what I might see.   

 siljan last 5 waypointsOnce we’ve reached waypoint #3, there’ll  be a turn to a more northerly direction, heading towards where the river called Österdalälven enters Lake Siljan. This leg is 6,500 meters long, and  we’ll be headed just  to  the left of a large,  visible sawmill, as we will approach  the northern  end of  Siljan.  And,  once we get to waypoint #4, we will have only about 1,600 meters (one mile) to the finish.

 siljan last 4 waypoints

Waypoint #4 hugs the  north side of the  lake, and as the swim  continues on  to  waypoint  #5, I’ll swim next to a boat dock.  This leg is  700  meters long, and at the  fifth waypoint we will be able  to  see a bridge to  the  north, which  spans the  river inlet .  The  final  three legs (to waypoint 6, then 7, then 8) are each about 300  meters in length,  and  they zigzag into  Saksviken, and the finish of  the  swim at Tingsnäsbadet.

                                                                                                                                              The picture below (left) is of the beach at Tingsnäsbadet, and I’ve been  looking at it all winter long. My intent is for the swim to end in front of this sign.  I imagine  myself, at the end of a successful swim, walking up to this structure, and placing my hand on the orange and white lifebuoy shown in the photo below.  On the picture below on the right, Google Earth reveals a bit of Tingsnäsbadet in  the summertime,  and the lifebuoy–my  finish point–is visible through the trees.  I hope to be walking up to this buoy on  July 26, at about 4:00  in the afternoon, after an approximately twelve hour long swim.

life buoy

finish another ah




One thought on “VI. The route refined

  1. Hi! This is Kevin Howald’s sister who lives in Eskilstuna, Sweden. Wishing you fine weather for your swim tomorrow! My husband Anders and I are following with interest and awe!
    Lycka till! Karen

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