Table of Contents

This blog tracks an attempt to swim the length of Lake Siljan in Sweden,  in the summer of 2013.  It is organized as a series of journal entries in “The Siljan Diary”.  You can navigate the journal  entries through  the table of contents below. (Hey, you could even select some “Water Music” by Zoë Keating (cello) or Jake Shimabukuro (ukulele) to listen to while you read on.)


Prologue: A swim in a lake (video)
I. The chimera
II. Siljan i winterns vila (…in wintery repose…)
III. TFCC: a four letter word
IV. Intercostal detour
V. Nordic winter (video)
VI. The route refined
VII. The swimmer’s energy
VIII. Siljan spring: Witches riding goats
IX. Of goggles, and remembering Greg Hind
X. The triple martini
XI. The family Hellgren
XII. June: the warming-up month
XIII. Swimming in the epilimnion
XIV. Swim Report